Clip the reusable lighter

Find out why Clipper is the safest, trendiest and most eco-friendly brand in the world of lighters.

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World number 1 brand!

More than just a lighter, the Clipper brand is a unique and essential player in the lighter market.

Designed in Barcelona in 1971, its distinguished shape and characteristics have made the brand a true icon over the past 50 years.

Clipper is synonymous with security!

Clipper is one of the few lighter brands that complies with the ISO 9994 standard. It uses Isobutane, which is a much safer gas than Propane.

To minimize the risk of accidents, the valve regulates the flame to a stable and safe height of 30 mm max.

Its ignition system is equipped with a “ child safety ” device. This prevents children under 5 years old from lighting lighters.



The safest plastic!

Highest performance: Flexible, durable, non-fissile and self-extinguishing.

Nylon is one of the strongest plastic materials, which allows for much less material to be used than other plastics.

The safest Gas!

ISOBUTANE, Low pressure. Constant pressure. Scentless.

The safest flame!

Self-regulating flame valve. Highly secure fixed flame valve: stable flame, maximum height 30 mm, throughout the life of the lighter.

Clipper is environmentally friendly

Each lighter is made with 30% recycled materials, helping to reduce waste.

Going beyond reuse, SUSTAINABILITY is at the heart of Clipper’s approach.

The energy consumed during the manufacturing process has been reduced by 25% over the last three years.

Each year, several million disposable lighters are sold, using a considerable number of natural resources.

CLIPPER is the only truly refillable lighter and the only reusable plastic lighter.

Practical and reusable

You know that details make the difference

Only the Clipper allows you to refill the gas, stone and replace the spark wheel, giving you the option to reuse it as many times as you want.


Rechargeable gas and stones

Clipper lighters are easily refillable with quality gas and their ignition stones are also renewable .


Rod for packing

The stem is also very useful for compacting your rolling tobacco .

A Clipper keeps for a long, very long time!

As you can see, the Clipper brand is perfectly in line with Kushtom's values .

Customize your own Clipper

Do you want to combine your values ​​with those of the Clipper brand?

Excellent initiative!

  • Minimum quantity

    Clipper customization starts from 480 pieces. 360° rotary printing is available from 10,000 pieces.

  • Free Design

    Don't have a graphic designer on hand? No problem, we take care of everything for free.

  • Postage offered

    We offer delivery in Europe and Switzerland within 10 to 15 working days.


The CLIPPER lighter is available in several colors and can be personalized in 1 to 4 colors.

2 types of colors: Solid or translucent.

Solid colors

Available in 9 colors
Solid Colors

Translucent colors

Available in 8 colors
Colors Translucent


1 to 4 printing colors possible

Front panel details


2 printing colors possible. White or black

Rear side details


You can opt for a black cap (+0.05€)

Black Cap


To ensure optimal printing, all designs and texts must be vectorized .

Be careful not to exceed the intended location for your design.

The back of the lighter is the ideal location to add your website.

The printing processes used:

Pad printing or rotary printing, 360°

What is pad printing?

Pad printing is an indirect printing system, which allows you to mark surfaces, flat or rounded, with a degree of definition that other systems cannot offer.

The actual process involves transferring color from your design using a silicone pad.

This adapts to the shape of the lighter.

This printing technique is regularly used for the personalization of advertising objects because it remains the cheapest technique and allows printing in several colors.


Valid or not logo

What is rotary printing?

Rotary printing consists of placing your text, logo or visual 360 degrees on our customizable Clipper lighters.

360 printing example

360° logo example

Valid or not 360° logo -


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